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Canal Energy Systems (CES) 

Water Xience and Solar River use state of the art technology to design and construct adaptive canal energy systems. These systems contribute to a circular bio-economy by contributing to the water and energy nexus with both conservation and generation of natural resources. 


Benefits of Canal Energy Systems (CES)


- Multi-use of existing land and easements.

- Generation of clean energy

- Conserve water due to evaporation 

- Multi-use power supply along canals 

- Reduce energy costs 

-Generating income possibilities

- Reduces aquatic growth such as algae, dangerous bacteria and other organic growth.

-Extends performance and lifespan of water infrastructure

- Improve water quality

-Food Safety and Preventative 

AI Designed Solar Systems 

Solar River 

Here is the bread and butter.. 

Abstract Lines

Biosphere 2 Demo Project 

Solar River 

Project Spotlight 

I-10 Level Top Canal 

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