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Expertise in agriculture water management and bio-economy, alongside our key partners we can use innovative technology and approaches to to meet your resource management needs. Water Xience works closely with you to find the most energy-efficient solutions.

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We focus on providing customized services to our clients based upon their unique needs. Designing and implementing innovative and credible sustainable solutions to both simple and complex problems. At WaterXience we ensure adherence to the proposed schedule and ensure that our collective energy is used to advance your project. 

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Canal Energy Systems


State of the Art Solar Canal spanning provides water conservation, land multi-use, clean energy generation, reduced operation and maintenance along with economic benefits for current and future generations to come. Our Teams institutional knowledge of the canal system, and the science of solar panels covering canals allows us to provide full services from start to finish. 


Solar Capabilities 


Canal Spanning Systems 

- Solar Crop Irrigation Systems 

- Solar Water Pumps 

- Center Pivot Irrigation Solar Power

- Hydraulic Systems 

- Solar Basin Irrigation Systems 

- Portable Power Stations

- Floating Solar Beds 

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